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We Can Do This: Our Adoption Journey

Feb 24, 2018

Hey guys, just a quick update. We're having some computer issues this week and don't have access to our recording and editing software, so unfortunately we'll have to skip this week. :( But we'll be back next weekend with Representations in Media and Pop Culture Pt. 2!

Thanks for understanding!


Jess and Paul

Feb 18, 2018

As promised, episode 21 centers around the good and not-so-good portrayals of adoption and foster care in film, books, and television. There's a LOT to discuss on this topic, so we're breaking it up into two episodes. Tune in next week for part 2. 


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Music: The...

Feb 11, 2018

It's Paul's turn to be interviewed! Get a glimpse into his mind regarding such fascinating subjects as kangaroo pouches, peanut butter cups, and ... gerrymandering. (Also, please forgive the sound of the dogs chewing their bones in the background. At least it kept them occupied during recording time!)


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Feb 4, 2018

Paul had an idea: Let's interview each other. So, in episode 19, he asks Jess the hard hitting questions about life, dictatorships, and TV shows.


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Music: "Baby Baby Baby" ©1964 Anna King and Bobby Byrd